Advanced Tango Seminar

3 classes, 7.5 hours of total class time
For students with minimum 4 years of experience, who can dance comfortably in milongas locally and abroad.

Apr 27 Fri Apr 28 Sat Apr 29 Sun
El Tango Café Beta Dance Beta Dance
5 – 7:30 pm 4:30 – 7 pm 4:30 – 7 pm

Class 1

Javier & Fatima

Class 2

Andres & Luciana

Class 3

Pablo & Noelia

  • Each maestro offers his or her unique style and vision of tango. Through learning advanced movements and concepts from each maestro the students can broaden their horizon and expand their vision of tango to find their own dance.
  • Besides teaching high level tango figures, the maestros will also share advanced ideas in tango and musicality, details of body technique, dynamics and energy, mental attitude, etc.

Javier Rodriguez & Fatima Vitale Class Demo

Beautiful class demo by Javier Rodriguez & Fatima Vitale in 2016 Singapore Tango Festival. We will see them in April in 2018 Seoul Tango Festival, April 26-30!

Posted by 엘 불린 땅고 El Bulín Tango on Tuesday, January 30, 2018

< Javier & Fatima class demo >

< Andres & Luciana performance >

< Pablo & Noelia performance >