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Tango Middle Age

I have already danced for 20 years. It is only appropriate to call myself tango middle-aged. I no longer watch tango videos every day, nor go to milongas five or six times a week. I miss those days on occasion, but I am also happy with now. I like going to milongas when my heart calls for it, and dancing the tandas that are truly meant for me. There is no pressure, no obligation, just following my desire and satisfying my needs…

Dancing in the Dark

Some female students feel so much pressure about their technique they cry. Why does it happen? How does this problem manifest in their male counterparts? To understand we need to investigate a dimension of tango that we cannot see.


When I started tango, I got hooked right away. At night before falling asleep, I tried to remember all the steps I had learned. It was not easy to visualize clearly where my partner’s feet should go, and where I should put mine. The variations were complicated and endless. I was totally mesmerized…