*** Due to unforeseen circumstances today Seoul Tango Festival Sunday Milonga will start at 9:30pm. We apologize for any inconvenience caused. ***

Reservations for the 2024 Seoul Tango Festival has closed.
Milonga tickets are available at the door.
If you want to join workshops, please go to Gold Moon Studio to sign up beforehand.

Venue Information


  • Tango Andante (map, web) – 24 Yanghwa-ro 12-gil B1, Mapo-gu.
  • FreeStyle Tango (map, web) – 55 Yanghwa-ro 3-gil B2, Mapo-gu.


  • Goldmoon Studio (map, web) – Donggyo-dong 158-29 B1, Mapo-gu.
  • Tango Brujo (map, web) – Seogyo-dong 376-11 B1, Mapo-gu.
  • Tango O Nada 2 (map, web) – Yeonnam-dong 224-57 B1, Mapo-gu.

< Entrance to Goldmoon >

Milonga Information

  • There are tickets available for all milongas at the door.
  • The dress code for the Friday milonga is Retro.
  • There is no reserve seating.
  • We cannot not supply alcohol at the milongas. Feel free to bring your own alcoholic beverages.
  • When taking pictures in the milonga please do not disturb others and do not use flash.
  • Please do not videotape or take pictures during performance. We will publish performance videos and photos on the internet after the festival for free.

Workshop Information

  • Watching classes is not allowed.
  • Please do not videotape during classes. The teachers may do a demonstration at the end of class for videotaping.
  • If you would like to join classes please come to Goldmoon Studio to sign up beforehand.


  • Leonel – 010-2611-7728 (English, Chinese)
  • Florencia – 010-2208-3224 (English, Korean)

Thank you for your attention. We hope you will all have a great time!

Un abrazo,
Leonel y Florencia